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Our Board of Directors

Certifed veterinary acupuncturists who are active members of AVAC are eligible for the Board of Directors. These hard-working volunteers are passionate about sharing knowledge and the benefits of veterinary acupuncture. New members are welcome to volunteer for board positions. Elections are held at our annual general meeting (AGM).

Dr Julie Schell
Newsletter Editor
Dr Tracy Radcliffe
Dr Cara Warkentin
Continuing Education Coordinator
Dr Rona Sherebrin
Dr Rona Sherebrin
HOD Representative
Dr Julie Schell
Regional Delegates
Regional delegate, Atlantic Provinces : Dr Gina Kelly
Regional delegate, Quebec: Dr Marie-Élaine Roy
Regional delegate, Ontario:  Dr Michelle Kinoshita
Regional delegate, Manitoba: Dr Cara Warkentin
Regional delegate, the Prairies: Dr Julie Schell
Regional delegate, British Columbia: Dr Marketa Sattran
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