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Student Membership

AVAC offers free membership to veterinary students during their education. Proof of program enrolment is required for all student members.


 Practicing veterinarians completing a certification course pay no membership fees to AVAC during their year of study but are responsible for the IVAS membership fees. Proof of licensing and program enrolment is required.


Contact us via email to become a student member.

Becoming a Student Member

For now, student memberships are arranged on an individual basis by emailing the AVAC office.

Veterinary student membership is free, AVAC membership for acupuncture students (veterinarians) is free, however students of non-IVAS course must pay the IVAS fee (147$).


Sent to all members.

Seats and Voting

Student members may not sit on the board of directors or vote until they become full members. However, they can still volunteer within the organisation.

Annual Conference

Registration for the annual conference may be available for acupuncture student members.

IVAS Membership

Included with student and regular memberships. Practicing veterinarians must pay the 147$ for IVAS membership and will receive access to all IVAS resources.

Online Education

Is available for all members. There are currently over 10 hours of free ​ on a variety of topic from neurology to electroacupuncture, treatment for musculoskeletal issues  and more!

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